Dubbed the “Chariot to Heaven,” Angel Falls is home to some of the fastest and highest zip lines in Belize. Eight separate zip lines criss-cross above the falls and jungle canopy, allowing participants to enjoy a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful and pristine sections of the Belize rainforest.

The longest zip line at Angel Falls is an astonishing 2,350 feet (nearly half a mile!) and the highest zip line allows participants to soar 800 feet above the jungle.

The zip lines open at 7:00 AM and run until dark. To get to the zip lines, participants must hike to the top of the falls. From there, each second platform is reached via a short hike:

  • Platform 2 to 3 – 2 minute hike.
  • Platform 4 to 5 – 8 minute hike (100 steps).
  • Platform 6 to 7 – 10 minute hike (90 steps).
  • Platform 8 to 9 – 4 minute hike (70 steps).
  • Platform 12 to 13 – 3 minute hike (30 steps).

To enjoy the entire zip line experience at Angel Falls takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Zip Lining – Participants must wear close-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops). Loose or dangling clothing like long skirts, dresses, or scarves is prohibited.